Bringing innovation to business and society
with Blockchain

In general, Blockchain is a decentralized network that is not managed or operated by a specific organization or company. It has excellent improvement resistance in the data structure itself, excellent fault resistance, and enables automatic transactions. On Blockchain, information of transactions that occur on the network is recorded in a cell of data called a “block”. Each block records information about transactions and a hash value that represents the contents of the previous block. The generated blocks continue to be connected in chronological order by the hash value. This structure itself is called a Blockchain.

Blockchain is said to be a technological innovation since the Internet. By ensuring security with a decentralized network, it is possible to build a robust and redundant mechanism at a low cost. Cryptocurrency (virtual currency) and NFT are famous as services utilizing Blockchain. Still, besides that, finance, medical care, real estate, law (contract), logistics (traceability), DX (digital transformation), Etc. are expected to play an active role in various fields. Utilization studies and proofs-of-concept are underway at many companies, universities, and research periods.

We believe that Blockchain technology will become the foundation of society in the future. There is an image that Blockchain is difficult due to its high level of expertise. Still, we are developing products and services that everyone can benefit from with solid technical capabilities and abundant experience and knowledge.