Artificial Intelligence

Creating a future society
with Artificial Intelligence

AI technology, which is evolving day by day, will become more and more indispensable to our lives. AI is an artificial reproduction of various perceptions and intellects realized by humans. In recent years, the development of AI technology has evolved at the speed of a second. It has reached an area that imitates the mechanism of the human brain. It is expected to play an active role in various fields such as manufacturing, retail, finance, transportation, medical care, marketing, urban development, and lifestyle.

In developed countries around the world, the birthrate is declining, and the population is aging. As a result, it is expected that there will be a shortage of workers, and companies are working on research and development to solve various problems by utilizing AI. AI can learn and process automatically so that it can do more than just a program. It is expected that AI will coexist with humans and develop more easily to coexist with humans in response to increasingly complex and sophisticated social issues.

We will develop AI development mainly in the seven fields of prediction analysis, recommendation analysis, trend analysis, consumer behavior analysis, “trend analysis, decision-making analysis, and optimization analysis.

By utilizing high abstraction and the automatic learning function of vast data, we will develop safer and more convenient products and services combined with Blockchain and FinTech.